Webcast LIVE every Saturday; Simon GMT London 8pm , Rhydian GMT London 6pm

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About Radioembargo

‘I really liked it. It was really good. The way you enjoy the music when its on makes me enjoy the music too. Sometimes people hear a song and listen to it a few times before they really like it. But when you put the songs on we can see you enjoy it. Then i enjoy it too. I think thats really clever. I was expecting you would put the music on and just talk to whoever is in the background. But its like you are listening with us and that is, like i said, clever’- by AQ


24/7 Music
We are live


Webcast (GMT London)
We are live
# Program Name Description Show Type Day Start Time End Time Hosted By
1 Live Emz will be live Regular Friday 18:00 20:00 Emz
2 Live Duff will be live Regular Friday 20:00 22:00 DUFF
3 Live Simon & Lucy will be live Regular Saturday 20:00 22:00 Simon
4 Live Rhydian will be live Regular Saturday 18:00 20:00 Rhydian
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